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 Effluent Treatment Plant with Recycling System


 VSEP - Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing


  A.T.E. Envirotech offers a comprehensive range of technologies to address the treatment and recycle needs including zero liquid discharge (ZLD) and to suit the specific requirements of end-user industry.

Salient features:
  • Comprehensive range of technologies
  • Scientifically designed unit operations & processes
  • Robust design conforming to international standards
  • Engineered for low life cycle cost and smaller footprint
  • Optimized instrumentations & controls for fail safe operations
  • Simplified operations backed by comprehensive monitoring and maintenance services

Industries served:
  • Textile
  • Pharma and chemicals
  • Dairy and food
  • Distillery
  • Metal processing
  • Power
  • Paper and pulp
  • Petrochemical


Waste water: a source of water for the industry!




  Manufactured by: A.T.E. Envirotech Pvt. Ltd.    
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